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Do you believe what you're sayin'?

Yeah--right now, but not that often.

1/23/11 08:41 pm - Don't wish--don't start! Wishing only wounds the heart!

I saw Wicked last night, and it was so... wicked! Bwhahahaha. One of the best musicals I've ever seen. And, to make my life even happier, he was in it:

Know who he is? He is:

Tom McGowan. What's he from? The movie Heavyweights. That movie goes with my childhood like ketchup goes with mustard. I mean, I grew up on that movie, and I still love that movie. It made me smile.

Fantastic musical, though. If you ever get the chance to see it, GO.

12/10/10 08:16 pm - Who would have thought forever could be severed by the sharp knife of a short life?

I bought that. I own that. I'm playing that. That's what's up, yo. Merry Christmas to myself. =D

It's awesome, by the way.

Next item on my list: eReader. Wait. First, car. THEN, eReader. *nods*

Unless I can get someone else to buy me an eReader.

So, I got hit on in the pharmacy today by one of our patients. It took me a minute to realize what had happened, but oh, my God. It is the most awkward feeling ever. It's not the first time this has happened, but it's the most obvious and awkward. This guy was coming to check on prescriptions that should have been called in, but we hadn't received them yet. So, he walked away only to return ten minutes later to inform me that they hadn't been sent in yet. I told us to give the pharmacy a call tomorrow to see if we receive anything. He was all, "Why don't you give me a number 'cause I may forget." I just kind of stared blankly and asked, "The pharmacy's number?" And he just smirked. SO AWKWARD. That was my cue to walk away. And I did.

Today was... GAH. I regret agreeing to working the day shift. There was a customer that PISSED me off. Seriously. She came through drive-thru. I ask for her Fry's card to scan. She gives me her key ring. I scanned said Fry's card. Twenty minutes later, she comes INTO the store. My lead tech initially starts to assist her. She looks at me, points to me, and says, "I need to talk to her."

The fuck?

So, I walk over there and ask, "How can I help you?"


"I scanned the card you gave me."

"N0!" At this point, she has pulled out her receipt and is furiously pointing to the last four digits of the telephone number attached to the card I scanned. "YOU SCAN THIS CARD! MY PHONE ENDS IN DIFFERENT NUMBER!"

... "I scanned. The card. You gave me."

"NO! YOU SCAN HUSBAND'S CARD!" And how the hell am I supposed to know your husband's card is next to yours? You can't tell the difference. They don't have your name on it, damn it. "YOU COMBINE."

"I can't do that. We don't combine points."


"Uh... no?" I looked at TJ. "Am I crazy?" He just shook his head and kind of helped to explain what I was saying. Eventually we get her to go over to customer service. While she's there, I help a few other customers and then get hit on. As I'm being hit on, gets back in line. "YOU COMBINE!"

Damn it, no! No, we do not combine. After about TWO minutes of me trying to AGAIN explain what was going on, i just kind of turn around and walk away mid-sentence, walk up to TJ (not even; he was half-way across the pharmacy), and say, "Can you talk to her? I can't do it anymore." I was overly frustrated. Hit my breaking point. Done.

SO. Right after that, I answer the phone and get a confused customer trying to verify which drug their doctor told them not to take when they couldn't even remember which drug it was. So, after about five minutes of trying to guess, I eventually tell them to call their damn doctor and verify the information because obviously it's important. Eventually I get done with that. Lisa, our Intern, just looks at me, and says, "You're getting all of the fun ones today, aren't you?" I just grumbled. She did offer to take the phone call, but whatever.

Two minutes later, my pharmacist turns to me and says, "Liz, I think you need to take a walk."

... excuse me? "Why do I need to take a walk?"

"You seem angry." Apparently I was snapping at customers. Whatever. I went and grabbed my lunch so I didn't have to later. OH, IT WAS AWFUL. But it's over. I just work Sears tomorrow. Sad days.

And I'm done ranting.

11/29/10 10:01 pm - I see you, but I can't feel you anymore... So go away!

Sound Strike = Music's response to SB 1070. LINKAGE.

It really pisses me off. Believe it or not, we do have a fucking immigration problem. I'm sorry, but it pisses me off to have to pay for an illegal immigrant to receive medical services when they are involved in, and the CAUSE of, a traffic accident (of which car insurance companies will NOT cover unless you pay for a special branch of automobile insurance), and then have to pay to have them deported. I don't even fucking drive!

It's bull. Fucking. Shit.

Our tax dollars could be going to better use, like improving our streets and schools. But no. They're raising taxes and cutting programs in order to keep up with the demand. It was said that after SB1070 passed, illegal immigration traffic in nearby states rose almost 15%... give or take a few percentage points. Good. Yay. Shouldn’t be here anyway. And, seriously, isn't this a bit old? Even the fucking Mexicans, who come over legally to shop, have returned. I had to tell some lady ten times that I didn't understand her when she asked me if I spoke "inglais" and I said no. Because I thought she'd ask if I spoke Spanish. Obviously the Mexicans are over it. Why can’t the rest of the country?

Other nations of similar laws. Hell, other nations will shoot on sight. Why aren’t we boycotting them? Why is it just Arizona that is being punished? IT’S IN THE FUCKING CONSTITUTION TO PUNISH THOSE HERE ILLEGALLY. By all means, boycott the nation! Go to Canada! But then you’d have to learn French, and everyone knows Spanish is easier to learn. *rolls eyes*

So, really, Zack de la Rocha? Don't you have anything better to do with life? I hated you as a musical artist, and I hate you as an activist. I don't hate many people; it’s such a violent emotion. And as much as I hate to say it, all of the artists that have joined I kind of disrespect a little because they're only seeing the "humanitarian" side. Not only are they hurting Arizona's economy, they're hurting their fans. Concerts bring revenue. Without revenue, there are no jobs. They're just making our recession worse. We WERE on the way out. HA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Ha.

MCR may apologize and pretend to feel bad about the, how did they phrase it? "Horrible scheduling oversight"? That they are "deeply sorry about" having to cancel? BULL SHIT. Not that I would’ve driven to Tempe to see them anyway, but still. The fact of the matter is they cancelled the show. So, now not only are you enraging the government of Arizona, you’re enraging your fans who feel slighted about this. Yeah, we’re only a state… which six million people in it. Y’know, the sixth largest state in the nation. But who are we, right? We’re just a stone in the bucket. Nothing significant.

For the record, no, I’m not a racist. I work with Hispanics. A few of the guys I know came over here illegally, but then followed through with the necessary paperwork to become LEGAL citizens. And guess what? They SUPPORT SB1070. Why should they have to go through all of the hard work when others are getting a free ride? It’s not fair, and something needs to be done about it.

Nothing is perfect; SB1070 does have its downfalls. I’m not going to say I like every aspect involved, but it is a step in the right direction. I hate Jan Brewer. I didn’t vote to re-elect her, and I’m depressed that she won. She’s not that great. She can’t debate. And I think, really, this whole SB1070 thing is her way of getting into the history books. She’s like Bush was for America—they’re amusement. No one takes her seriously. And I’m sure the reason she’s backing this as much as she is because it’s one of the very few things she’s done that’s garnered some kind of support from her citizens. Otherwise, she doesn’t have a backbone and gives into pressure far too easily. Not my choice of a governor, but I’m not to leave the state anytime soon. Don’t have the funds. Sadly.


REALLY pisses me off.



Oh, God, Slipknot, how I've missed you! <333! I broke down this weekend and dug out my Slipknot CDs so I could burn them to my laptop. Can you believe I went... what? Three whole months without listening to them except in passing? Withdrawaaaals. But so happy.

I DID GO TO DISNEYLAND FOR MY BIRTHDAY! I got back almost a month ago. Failure, I know. Bwhaha. One of these days I'll get all of my photos uploaded to Photobucket. For now... enjoy the one above of the main entrance sign.


Apparently the Broadway production of "Beauty and the Beast" is in town this weekend. Arlynn and I might go on Saturday. I keep seeing previews, and she mentioned it after looking up the TCC Music Hall's box office's website at work the other day. Our plan is to go on Saturday. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED.

Guess what I got for my birthday! Guess what I got for my birthday! YUS! Going to see Wicked in January! So excited! Ah, God, I miss musicals. I miss performing and singing. I miss fine arts! As much as I enjoy science, I really do miss performing. *sighs*

Ugh, so the dreaded week of Black Friday is upon us. I hate life. I hate Thanksgiving. I hate retail. I want to sleep for the rest of my life--as long as I can regain consciousness whenever I feel like. Meaning, not dead. Just lazy. That'd be nice.

10/7/10 08:58 pm - Oh, so "Eerie!"

So, I type in "Eerie Moon" in the Google Image search bar, and this is what it gives me? If this is the definition of eerie, I'll take it. More, please. *__* Thank God he's officially over eighteen now so I don't have to feel ashaaaamed.

9/22/10 07:12 pm - It's coming true! I've changed my name, but I will pass it on to you.

Fry's: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: Just woke up from a nap. Why?
Fry's: You know you were scheduled to work at five, right?
Me: ... no. No, I did not. Shit. It wasn't on the schedule when I last checked.
Fry's: It looks like someone penciled it in.
Me: Fantastic. *sighs* I'll be there as soon as I can.
Fry's: You sound awful.
Me: I'm doing great, thanks for asking.
Fry's: Why don't you call in?
Me: Great idea! I think I'll do that.

The WORST way to wake up from a nap. Thanks, Fry's! You're awesome! *cheesy grin*

I feel like absolute crap. I think I've been fighting this cold for about a week now, and on Monday it just kind of trampled me. I didn't feel too bad at Sears until after lunch. Got to Fry's and felt a little worse, but it was still manageable. Sneezing like crazy, but I could still function. By seven PM, my pharmacist wanted to send me home. It was baaaaad. And it's only gotten worse since then. I'm no longer sneezing, but now I'm coughing. I'm starting to lose my voice, which is... gah. And my throat is itching. You know when you have that tickle in your throat that feels like it's on the outside when you know it's on the inside yet you scratch it anyway? GOD, I HATE THAT. AND THAT'S ALL MY THROAT IS DOING. Thank God for Cepracol and generic Sudafed. The good kind. From behind the counter. Oh, love.

In the midst of all this, I still find time to flirt. =D Gah. Seriously, I worked three hours today at Sears (I think I over-worked myself and my Gma told me I should've called it, but it was three hours; no big deal). I had class at ten, so I just took the bus from Sears to school. Simple as pie. My whole plan was to do my Pre-Lab (that was due at the start of class, whoops) on the bus, listen to my headphones, and ignore the world. A sound plan, yes?


So, I'm sitting at the bus stop, lab manual out, pencil in-hand, headphones on. This guy comes up and sits on the bench opposite of mine. At first he leaves me alone, but I notice him continuously look at me. Whatever. Weirdos ride the bus all of the time; I'm used to random people staring. Especially when I have my textbooks out and appear smart. Hell yeah. Anyway, so this kid that had walked over to the bus asked me for the time, and I told him. The other guy must of seen it as a sign and started talking to me. After about three questions and me making him repeat himself, I finally gave in and took my headphones off. He was lucky I'd already finished my pre-lab or else we would have had issues.

Okay, I sound worse than a dying rat right now, and this guy wants to talk? Seriously? I'm sure I don't look any better, either. All puffy-faced, red-nosed, coughing up a storm. My hair is dirty and thrown haphazardly into a pony because I'm too lazy and exhausted to shower and do anything with my hair. Train-wreck. So not attractive.

The bus finally comes. I thought, MAYBE, he'd sit elsewhere and cease talking to me, so I find a seat and sit next to the window. My head is leaning against the window, eyes closed--obvious "LEAVE ME ALONE" signals, right? He sits across the aisle from me and continues to ask me questions. Can't take a hint? I can't hear for shit, and the roaring of the bus doesn't make life easy. So, again, I give in and just scoot to the edge of the seat so I can barely make out what he's saying.

In the end, I got his phone number and his name. I feel like such a tease for I've no intention of calling, but bwhahaha. I seriously have no time for free time. IN MY DEFENSE, I made sure that was one of the first things I told him about me--that I have no life. Usually that's a good deterrent. He was persistent, I'll give him that. Nice guy from what I could tell in the forty minutes we spoke, but first impressions can be deceiving.

I have so much homework to do tonight, and it's already seven PM. Thank God I don't have class until noon tomorrow. Thank God she postponed the homework due-date until tomorrow because I totally skipped class on Tuesday. Felt like shit. Still do, but I couldn't miss lab.

In happier news, I MIGHT BE GOING TO DISNEYLAND FOR MY BIRTHDAY! Have I mentioned this yet? I can't remember. Whatever, I'll rant again. So far, Arlynn and I think we can get it to work out. The only thing that will suck is that we know we'll have to work both Friday and Monday, so it'll just be a weekend thing. We'll probably close that Friday, go to her house and crash for a couple of hours, get up SUPER early Saturday, drive eight hours to Anaheim, California, check-in as soon as we can, get another hour or so of sleep, go to the park, spend the next two days there, and then leave super early on Monday--which would be my birthday, thanks--so we can get back in time to work that night. We're pretty sure we can get coverage for that weekend. But I'm super excited. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED.

9/15/10 03:22 pm - I Love You Crying and Screaming My Name!

Ah, Bullet For My Valentine, you provide me with the most interesting of blog titles... that could be taken in so many contexts! I heart you.

So, I've got about two hours to kill before I have to head off to Fry's to slave in a sweltering room in the corner of the grocery store and listen to old men scream at me because their viagra wasn't covered by their insurance (always an awkward conversation). I have decided to spend it writing a blog post in the most neglected blog of the century. Poor blog; I still heart you, too.


I can't believe I didn't rant about what happened AFTER I got everything figured out. So, I was waiting for my math class to open up so I could register for it because it didn't seem like the teacher was all too willing to work with me. Whatever. I checked everyday. It didn't open up. Ever. So, whatever. I decided to go with an online version instead. At least this way I'm not getting behind, and it's teaching me self-discipline. Yay!

Sometime before the first day of class, I go to try and register. "NOTICE: You have been placed on Academic Restriction. You cannot register for classes." The fuck? I thought I'd gotten that taken care of? SO PISSED. Agitated 'though I was, I decided to go in bright and squirrely to talk to an advisor and/or counselor--do whatever I needed to to get registered. I went in at seven-twenty that morning; the advising office doesn't open until eight. I wanted to beat the crowd.

When I got there, there was a guy at the desk setting things up, directing people, answering easy questions--stuff like that. And there was already a line. Boo. AND it was the guy who I initially talked to who proved to be an idiot. Double-boo. I asked him if there was any chance I could see a counselor today. "Uh, we don't talk walk-ins for counselors." "Yes, I know. But this is an emergency. I'd already gotten this taken care of ONCE this semester; I just need to know what's going on so I don't get behind." "Well, sign in and put both advising and counseling so at least someone can go more in-depth with you." -__- "Fine."

Signed in. Waited. Eight-thirty comes around. "Elizabeth?" YUS! And it's not the idiot guy! It was a woman who knew what she was talking about. I told her everything. At first she was hesitant, and then once I finished, she just looked at me and asked, "Do you have the course number with you?" I was prepared this time. "Great. Fill out this form." Filled it out and gave it back. Ten minutes later she comes back and hands me a piece of paper. "Great, you're all registered! Have a good first day!"


That's it?

"Yup! You can start today. Have a good day."

I'm all registered? I don't need to see a counselor?

"Nope. Just pay at the register or online, but make sure you do it by the end of the day. Bye."

WHY THE FUCK... argh. Why couldn't the TWO advisors who initially helped me do that? I don't understaaaaaaand! Whatever. So, I'm taking my math class online.

Which is what I came here to rant about as an excuse to write in my journal.

The first section we did was a "review section." Okay, I felt so dumb. I didn't know how to do half of it, which is NEVER a good sign. Why I couldn't comprehend it, I-dee-kay. So, I've been kind of stressed over that lately.

Today, I go and try to do part one of chapter one. Thirty-four questions. I think I've missed one 'cause the stupid thing wasn't being clear (whatever), and I've yet to answer two because they're far too complicated than I wanted to deal with. Otherwise, I've gotten the rest right. I think I'm at an 88% for this homework so far.

My issue: I can do the advanced stuff, but not the review? Isn't it the other way around? I dunno if this bodes well or not, but I'm a little freaked out. Mind you, the first chapter was all about graphing a circle, and I really enjoyed that the first time around, so maybe that's why I know that. I really like geometry and shapes. PLEASE LET ME REMEMBER MORE THAN GRAPHING A CIRCLE!

KFMA's Fall Ball finally got announced. FINALLY. Only two good things came out of that announcement: A) Sick Puppies are performing. Awesome! B) It's the day before my birthday. HELL YES! Otherwise, I'm not too impressed. Deftones are headlining, with Bush, A Day to Remember, Suicidal Tendencies, Survive Circa, and... two other bands? that are performing. Meh. I dunno if I'm going to go. FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH IS COMING BACK IN NOVEMBER, THOUGH! I really want to go. Trying to bribe my sister into going since I doubt Arlynn and I will both get a Friday night off. Sucks being at the bottom. Katatonia is coming September 28th. Still haven't successfully bribed anyone, so my hopes are dying. Boo. 'Sides, it's the week we set Christmas. Gah.

We set Christmas in two weeks. How sad is that? All of our paint stuff has been clearanced out and we've almost sold it all... even the unmixed paint, surprisingly. That's where Christmas is going. We're not getting a lot of toys this year. Hallelujah. We've got a shitton of Christmas stuff, though. A shitton. Sad days.

I hate our new guy at Sears. We call him Man-Strength because he has none. It's pretty pathetic.

I blew up at Marsha the other day. Not AT her, but to her. I had a break-down. She just kind of stared at me and let me rant. I felt SO much better after that, though. In hindsight, it's kind of hilarious.

I still might be going to Disneyland. KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED. But it probably won't be until after the new year.

I need a new hobby. And a social life. Mine is being taken over by responsibility. Stupid responsibility.

8/11/10 04:18 pm - My mouth is shut; stupidity has shut my mouth.

Okay, seriously, why the fuck is my school so fucking stupid? AAAAARGH! I have spent the last TWO days, waiting and arguing for a grand total of SEVEN HOURS, trying to get them to register me for classes which start in… oh gee, two weeks. The payment deadline is Friday. Granted, I probably shouldn’t have waited until July to get the ball rolling, but hey, I was busy.

So, the world knows I’m on Academic Restriction. I was on Academic Probation, but I already did the math and knew that the next step was Restriction no matter how well I did during the last semester, so I ignored it and finished the year with a bang. Two A’s and a D. I can live with that. Apparently ignoring the problem doesn’t make it go away—or whatever the saying is. So, come the end of the semester—BAM!—I go on restriction LIKE I KNEW I WOULD.

Basically, the minimum requirements for students are a GPA of 2.0 and a completed/registered percentage of 67%. I’m pretty sure I’ve told this story before, but let me share it again. My first year there, I didn’t give a fuck. I wanted a semester off, but no one would agree to it and I was still so confused about the whole situation that I went with it. Hey, they gave me free money! Of course I didn’t take it seriously, and I screwed myself over. I finished the year with a 0.69 GPA and a completed/registered percentage of probably less than thirty percent. I can’t remember, and I don’t feel like doing the math.

Anyway, after that first year I finally put my foot down and took a semester off. In hindsight, I’m glad I did. It was the last semester I had with my mother… ignoring the fact that I worked whenever I could. I had decided to go back the following spring prior to my mother’s hospitalization. The fact that I managed to pass the semester with a 3.67 GPA and one withdrawal with my mother’s death looming in the back of my mind is amazing to me. But I did. And I’ve been doing well since. In the last three semesters, I managed to pull my GPA up to a 2.404 with a completed/registered percentage of 66.4%. I’m 0.6% away from being in good academic standing—would be if my stupid Italian 102 class hadn’t been cancelled last semester. Hell, I should be commended for that; I mean, that’s fucking impressive, if I do say so myself. I literally pulled myself out of the hole I dug—and it was a deep hole. You’d think they’d see that and think, “Oh, she’s a good student. She’s taking this seriously.”

HA! I say. HA.

The aforementioned minimum requirements are reserved specifically for FINANCIAL AID students. I’ve been paying out-of-pocket for the last two years. The fuck? So, all of a sudden, I’m grouped with them and have to live by their standards even though I’m shelling out my OWN hard-earned cash. Not cool, Pima. Not cool.

Back to today. I was placed on Academic Restriction. I had to go talk to a counselor, and they had to remove the hold. Got that taken care of last month. At the end of the meeting, she told me to give it twenty-four hours and I should be able to register. Twenty-four hours passed. I still couldn’t register. Gave it a few days. Nothing changed. So, I called her a week after I had my meeting with her. She never called back. I decided to go in and talk to an advisor yesterday.

Oi, vey.

I get there at around 11:00am. I expected it to be a long wait for it’s close to the end of the summer, the pay period is ending, et cetera. I just knew it was going to be bad. At around 1:30pm, my name is FINALLY called. Seriously, I think they had three advisors AT MOST going the entire time I was there. So, when the guy who called my name was someone other than the ones I’d seen, I got a little irritated. Where the fuck have you been all day?

Anyway, he pulls me back. His first remark, “Signed-in at 11:06am, and you’re still here. You’ve been here a while!” No shit. I knew I should probably give in and encourage his lame attempt at comedy, but I was seriously beyond caring at that point. I just wanted to register and be on with life.

I explain my situation. The following is an exaggerated account of what happened, but it gets my frustration across nicely:

Me: I’m on academic restriction.
Him: *stares worriedly at student*
Me: I already saw my counselor. She took off the restriction hold and told me I could register the next day. I still can’t register.
Him: Only a counselor can remove a restriction hold. That’s a whole ‘nother level of academic status.
Me: I know. I already met with her. She removed the restriction.
Him: Let me check your account. *pulls up student account* Oh, she already removed it… last month.
Me: *groans* I know! I watched her do it. She verbalized what she wrote for her reasoning.
Him: Okay, so what’s the problem?
Me: I still can’t fucking register!
Him: Okay, let me take a look. *glances intently at computer screen* Says here you still have a hold on your account.
Me: An academic probation one, I know. I’m not on academic probation; I’m on restriction. How the hell do I get that off?
Him: Well, that technically stays on your account until you are in good academic standing.
Me: So… basically, I can’t register?
Him: No.
Me: Then, how the hell do I get in good academic standing if I can’t do anything to improve it?
Him: Well, any time you want to add or drop a class, you have to come and speak to an advisor. We’re basically you’re babysitter, and they want to know your every move.

Are you fucking kidding me? This guy was an idiot, and he treated me like an idiot. He walked me through, step-by-step, looking up classes. Dude, it’s my sixth fucking semester. I’m pretty sure I know how to look up classes. If I didn’t, I’d be royally screwed right now and probably SHOULD be kicked out. Then he tried to figure out what I needed when I couldn’t readily provide classes I wanted to register for. Mind you, he pulled out a transfer guide for the Associates in Liberal Arts for Transfer. My degree is Science. Associates in Science for Transfer. The only kind of science on the Liberal Arts is biology—which, granted, I could go into. But I’m sticking with my atmospheric sciences and geology, which require an Associates in Science. Dumbass.

That was yesterday. Today, I got there a half an hour earlier than I did yesterday. I wanted to get there sooner, but I couldn’t cut work. I guess once I clock in at Sears, they have to pay me for three hours no matter what the time punch says. And then shortly after that, Cheryl responded with, “Well, do what you want. You sound overly stressed.” I ended up working my full four-hour shift. Whatever.

I got there around ten-thirty. The wait time, I was hearing, was over three hours. Awesome—I went and played games on the computer until I got bored of that. Afterwards, I went and took several powernaps in a chair next to a pillar. Very nice. One o’clock comes around and my name gets called. Thank God.

The woman who helped me—I’m not sure if she’s an advisor or just a clerk. She may be an advisor because she was able to do things I don’t think the clerks could. Basically, she was managing the queues and trying to help out as many people as she could. You know, to take down the wait time a bit. So, she calls me over and I explain my situation. I told her that I had talked to an advisor yesterday who said all I needed was for them to register me and life would be good.

Why can’t Pima ever be on the same page with every associate they have?

She just shook her head at me and said, “No, your counselor needs to enroll you.” Then why the fuck did she tell me I could register the day after she removed the restriction hold? She just looked at me, pensive, and then told me to write down my name and student number, and that she’d have her come talk to me. So, wait I did.

An hour later… my counselor comes out. I expect her to call my name. But she doesn’t. She calls someone else. By that point, I’m livid. All I wanted to do was register for a fucking class, and the lab I wanted had ONE spot open. If they made me lose that class, I would murder. So, I glance at the woman who helped me. She was already looking confused back at me. She gets the counselor’s attention. The counselor goes over. They chat. The counselor leaves. The woman calls me over. “Oh, your counselor removed the hold, so you can register now.” Wait, register? You mean, online? “Yes, you can register online.”


So, I walk ten feet to the computer commons to register. I forgot chemistry requires advisor approval to register. SO. I walk back over. “I have another issue I needed addressed…” and I told her. She looked flustered for a minute, but then told me to wait here. I thought she was going to call over an advisor, but she took care of me. I told her I had the paperwork for her, and she said she was just going to give me clearance to register for those classes on my own.

Why the FUCK was that so fucking hard? Oh, my fucking GOD, Pima is made of idiots.

At the end of the day, I managed to get my chemistry class that I wanted. I’m scared. Seriously. I need, like, five tutors just because I’m paranoid. *sighs* Now, if only my math class would open up… damn it.

7/1/10 06:49 pm - You Stand Above and Look Down; You’re Just a Plagiaristic Clown

All right, the last few days have been hell. I’m just… ARGH. It all started on Tuesday when Cheryl announced to Zack that the MCAs (me) aren’t allowed to change on-hand counts anymore due to our inventory being in the shitter. Stupid rule, but fine. Whatever. Less for me to worry about. I don’t know if Cheryl was upset with me because I was listening in on their conversation, but hello? I was talking with Zack when you came over; I’m not going to excuse myself just because you start conversing. You’re good at pulling people away. Whatever. When she made that announcement, I started thinking. When we do out of stocks, and we zero items we don’t have, we *technically* change on the on-hands. So, I immediately questioned that.

The look she gave me could have frozen hell, I swear to you.

She snapped at me, “You. Are not to change on-hands. Period.” Which didn’t answer my question at all. When I tried to ask her AGAIN what we were supposed to do then, she snapped again, “Let me finish explaining, okay?” I got really quiet. For anyone who doesn’t know me, that’s when you know you’ve pissed me off. I’m a talker; if I’m around someone, I like to chat. It helps pass the time. So, I stood there and let her explain. She STILL didn’t answer my question, but I didn’t press it.

A few minutes later, Zack brought up the subject again. She answered HIM nicely. She answered HIM completely. She was basically saying that we MCAs aren’t allowed to zero anything; if we have two on hand, we better be able to find two somewhere in the store. Good luck with that one.

We eventually broke up. Cheryl went off to do whatever it is Cheryl does when she’s not messing something up on the floor, Zack when into the backroom, and I kind of wandered off, too irritated to really care. I saw Zack come out of the stock room, so I went over to talk to him. The first words out of my mouth were, “That’s bullshit.” Of course, my words where hissed so that no customer could hear them, but you get the point. Zack just kind of nodded and said, “It’s one of those things that Cheryl didn’t interpret right and that I will have to clarify with Qianna about.” The sad part is? Zack has to do this EVERY TIME Cheryl gets new information. She tends to freak out when she’s stressed, and when she freaks out, she exaggerates. It’s annoying.

While Zack and I were talking, I started tearing up. Whenever I get frustrated, overwhelmed, or incredibly angry, I start to cry. Don’t ask me why, but it probably has something to do with the suppression of my emotions. They all tend to collect around my tear ducts? Who knows. But anyway, I don’t think I’ve ever cried in front of Zack, so I think he was kind of uncomfortable. He tried to distract me with random comments, but eventually I just came out with what was bugging me.

“She didn’t have to snap at me like that,” I told him. “All I did was ask a fucking question.” Zack just nodded. There really isn’t anything to say to that. She had mentioned that there was a full-time cashier position opening and that she was thinking about taking it—something about the stress being too much for her. I could have told you that. After my quiet remark, he said he almost wished she would take the position.

I dropped the Q-word during our conversation. I told him flat-out that I was going to quit; it’s not worth it anymore. I’ve said it before, but I think he finally took me seriously. He didn’t say anything for a good thirty seconds, just looked at me. Eventually he said something along the lines of, “Well, if it means anything, I’ll miss you.” I’ve always had a soft spot for Zack—he initially did my job interview for Sears, so he’s part of the reason I have a job there. Old loyalties die hard, man.

Really, there was a point that I loved Cheryl as a person; I’ve never cared for her much as a manager. She stresses out FAR too easily, and she spazzes like crazy. It’s hard to work with. However, ever since she got back from her vacation last month, she’s turned a little bitchy. I think she kind of feels threatened by me for reasons unbeknownst to me. She’s reminded me of the difference in our positions a few times and even told me that I’ve stepped over my boundaries once. She doesn’t ask me for help anymore in front of other people. Oh, and the big one: “I can’t be your buddy anymore; I’m your boss.” Well, no shit. You wear the red lanyard; I wear the blue. I’m an MCA with sales associate qualities who can cover the floor should there be a need; you can cover the cash wrap because you STILL don’t know where half of the merchandise is let alone what it does. You do very little to help out in any task that requires any physical activity above putting a hook holder into pegboard. And then you have the audacity to yell at me when something you didn’t want to do that you gave me to do didn’t get done. *grumbles* I have very little respect for her as a manager.

And then TODAY. Oh, today. I came in at six with her and Zack. I spoke to Zack like I normally do; I didn’t say ten words to Cheryl prior to store opening. The second I saw her, she told me that we need to make fill-floor lists for the department; she had tools if I could do the rest of the problem. No biggie. I pulled out my Zune, and I was set. When I’m irritated, I’m a fantastic worker, by the way. As long as I have music. So, I did my thing and didn’t interact with anyone. Finally when I got done with that, we had to do carts. Cheryl brought up the cart for Lawn & Garden/Sporting Goods, and one cart for Tools. Normally the MCAs work on the carts for Tools, but I didn’t want to be around her. Besides, half of my “Fill Floor” list was on this cart, so I just did Lawn & Garden’s cart. I don’t know if she appreciated that too much. I calmed down so much in that four-hour period, oh, my God.

During that four-hour period, Zack had been working on moving two of our shelving gondolas forward due to our inventory problem; they think if we make them more “open” that shoplifters will be deterred. We shall see. Anyway, in order to move them, he had to take down a four-foot section of the gondolas. Once he got done moving them, he put them back on. When I got back from lunch, that’s what we did. I took one section; Cheryl had the opposite side.

Hers was easier to put up as it was fairly straight-forward. The rows were straight, everything was clearly marked—very easy. Mine. The first row was straight… because it went along the top of the shelving unit. I’d HOPE it’d be straight, but you never know. The second row was almost straight, but it was simple to set up. The other three-fourths of this seven-foot tall peg board had items placed sporadically on it. Ignoring the fact that all of the hooks were thrown haphazardly into a shopping cart, it was a four-foot section from hell. I hated it. I managed to get it done, though. Successfully, I might add, without having to move any pegs afterwards due to miscalculation on my part. I’m awesome like that.

Cheryl left at one; I was there until two-thirty. When she left, I had to finish her section. After briefly *trying* to help Zack move the second gondola, I went over to her section thinking it was just a matter of placing items where they belonged. She had said I might have to move pegs around, but it shouldn’t be anything too drastic. *laughs sardonically* The second-to-last row, I immediately saw, needed to be moved up three peg holes. After further inspection, I realized the top row was set completely incorrectly. By then, I had gotten Carlos to help me put items back, but I told him to stop. I had to reset the entire thing all over again. Those ninety minutes she spent? Gone. I don’t know what the fuck she was thinking, but she didn’t set it right. I ended up leaving late because I hate leaving anything unfinished. I didn’t finish, but that’s not the point.


In other news, I SAW TWILIGHT OPENING NIGHT! At midnight-thirty, to be exact. Sold out. SAW THE NEW HARRY POTTER TRAILER AND OH EM GEE I AM SO EXCITED FOR THOSE MOVIES! I’m so sad it’s almost ending. Twilight, though? Eclipse is awesome. They added a lot of humor, and the fight scene is amazing. And yes, Jacob looks sizzling without his shirt on. I think they kind of poke fun at that in the movie. Super funny. I want to see it again. I need a buddy to go with, though. *looks hopeful*

And, sad days for Artichokie: I started reading the Twilight books. Oh, I’m so ASHAMED! And utterly addicted. I HATE Stephanie Meyer’s writing technique so much that it’s taken me out of the story a few times, but it hasn’t prevented me from wanting to finish the series. It makes me laugh that she has a B.S. degree in English Literature. Bwhahahahaha. I’m only about three-fifths of the way done with the first book, but I’m getting there.

6/8/10 02:26 pm - Twilight or Epica?

In my random searchings today, I came across a new video by Epica that I had yet to watch. The song is called "Unleashed". While watching it, this scene appeared. Does anyone else get a bit of Twilight out of it? Just slightly? This is what I get for sleeping for twelve hours last night. Bwhahaha.

I heart you, Epica.
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