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Your Mother Should've Left You In The Balls of Your Pops!

Um... hi. That was kind of rude, and I apologize. Unless I hate you, and then never mind.

Holy batman, LiveJournal has changed a bunch since I was last on here. What the hell? Lots of shiny things. *gasps* I DON'T HAVE TO REMEMBER THE LIVEJOURNAL LINGO TO DO SHIT ANYMORE! Wow, this is fantastic! Great job, LiveJournal (and if it actually sucks, don't burst my bubble)!

I TOLD YOU I WAS GOING, BITCHES! Harry Potter world is everything I could've imagined it to be! I felt like I was in the World of Potter. I wish I could post all of the pictures (if peeps would go to Facebook *ahem*), but that would be long and painful. Not to mention a bitch to load. But totally worth the trip and money out to see it if you're a fan like I am. The ride inside of Hogwarts is probably one of the best I've ever been on. And the queue is probably just as entertaining as the ride itself. We went on it twice. The first time, we were completely enthralled by it. The second time, the sound died on our car, so we made up our own. It was hilarious. I think most of the time you just heard, "Oh, no, deme--holy shit, didn't remember that!" Haha. Epic.

One day I'll get around to posting more pictures from that trip (I took nearly 800 pictures over the ten days I was in Florida, no joke; I had my computer count them, haha). I'm just too lazy to right now. But it was a great trip. Exhausting, but such a blast. Not so much the flying part, but everything else. Made another friend on the flight out; we missed our flight, so we had to transfer in Austin. I sat next to an older guy. We both slept most of the trip, but the last forty minutes or so--best friends, promise. We bonded over clouds, haha. On the second flight, Kyle made friends with a bunch of elementary cheerleaders. Arlynn and I were kind of jealous (not really). Poor guy, haha.

I BOUGHT A CAR. All by myself. No credit or driving history, even. And I'm not paying that much out of the ass for it. I still have yet to take a picture of it, but it makes me super happy. No more public transportation for a while, hopefully!

So, I totally signed-up for my first ever half-marathon; Arlynn's running it with me. Of course, it's in Disneyland! Don't act like you're surprised. I only go every year, remember? It's September 1st, and I literally get to run through Disneyland at five in the morning. Super stoked! I just have to get my stamina up... that's why I started training six months in advance. For shizz. We do need a chEAR squad, and we're not all that picky. Disneyland is awesome! Just saying, haha.

Best. Concert. EVER.

This actually just happened on Tuesday, and it was SUPPOSED to be in Phoenix. I somehow got lucky and it was moved down to Tucson. Didn't really matter; I would've driven up, irregardless. Third time seeing Papa Roach, first time seeing Stone Sour, and my first time seeing Otherwise. Papa Roach is one of my all-time favorite live bands, and they brought it. I don't care what anyone says, I'll be a die-hard fan until after the end has come. ANNNNNND... I had a fangirl moment. Oh, yes.

FRONT ROW, BITCHES! As usual. Jacoby, the lead singer of Papa Roach, has an affinity for jumping on the barricade, like so. He did this so many times, I couldn't even count. This was taken during "Before I Die" (yes, that's my sister sneaking into the shot at the last minute). For most of the concert, he spent his time on the other side of the crowd, so we were kind of bummed at first. And then he finally did come over. He jumped up right next to my sister, and he started grabbing hands and rocking out with us. He first moved away from me (as you can see), but then he migrated back my direction.

He sang the last fifteen seconds or so of the song directly in front of me. Like, literally, in front of me. I had to lean back because I was afraid I would hit his chest with my head. I was afraid to put my arm up 'cause I didn't want to smack him in the face, haha. So, I just stood there and stared up at him. When he got done with his part of the song, he looked directly down at me. He (gently) grabbed my head and held it in his hands. I thought maybe he'd just pat it like I'd seen him do other fans, but no. No, the next thing I know, he's leaning down and kissing me on the forehead.

OH, I fangirled. Completely.

I don't remember exactly what happened directly after that. I just remember looking at my sister and the girl we'd been talking to standing behind me, and them just going slack-jawed. And then my sister starts, "Seriously? This bitch! I fucking hate you right now!" Ah, it was great. I didn't want to wash my forehead, but then Corey Taylor ruined that for me. During Stone Sour's set, he spit water on us, and my sister took extra pleasure in rubbing my forehead with it. Haha. Wasn't thrilled about having backwash on me, either, but I'll take it.

Aside from the backwash and kiss, I also got other great souvenirs:

Be jealous!

And I already know the next concert I'm going to:

NONPOOOOOOOINT! Who owns the rights to the lyrics in my title, thanks. God, I'm so fucking excited! Granted they're the opening band, but who gives a shit? They're another one of my favorite live bands. I saw Hellyeah in September... saw All That Remains in September, too, now that I think of it. Whatever. This'll be the fourth time I'll be seeing All That Remains. Not crazy, crazy about them, but they're all right. I got cheap tickets, so I can't complain. $9.21, anyone? Presale, thanks, KFMA! They're even cheaper than the presale tickets KUPD had for the show up there. $9.80 was their price... KFMA wins, for once. Saved me fifty-nine cents, haha. Holla! So, again, can't complain, but I'm pretty stoked for Nonpoint. March 19th!

Um... that's about it, really. Life is dull, Fry's is screwing me over--again. I seriously can't go a single semester without stressing out over work. Whatever. It is what it is. I'm almost done with my Associates, so I may not even be here that much longer. We'll see.
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