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Can I Get An Update?!

It's been over six months since I updated this bitch. Could I be any more neglectful? Probably, but who's paying attention? I mean, really. I so don't wanna do genetics problems or aprender español, and I keep getting funky comment notifications in my Email. I miss this, so I figured it was worth the procrastination.

What have I done over the past few months? Well, until recently, pretty much nothing. I'm still an avid workaholic. I still go to school. I still love to travel. I'm still obsessed with music. Et cetera... but just to give you an idear--PICTURES! Because aside from everything else, I still love my camera. And visuals. =DD

I totally had two concert weekends this year. Like, back-to-back days of 9+ hours of pure rock and plentiful desert vitamin D. Fucking awesome, I have to admit. My first weekend: April 28-29, 2012. The first concert was in Phoenix and the second was in Tucson. I totally stalked Chevelle this weekend, haha. It amused me for some reason that they played at both shows.

UFest 2012

Totally met this dude:

and made fun of these people:

But I have to admit that I was kind of jealous. I took this while waiting in the car line to get out of the fucking parking lot. Their line was moving faster than mine. And I wanted to blare Spice Girls in an attempt to get out of the parking lot faster, but my sister wouldn't let me do it. I figured people could only stand having their ears bleed for so long. Haha.


I have one caption for this:

"Yo, bro! Wassup?" AWOLnation--very entertaining, haha.

And it was totally worth the wait to see them. <3 Incubus!

Took the boys to Willcox, AZ for the first time to pick vegetables over the summer. It was a lot of fun, actually.

And then we get to my SECOND concert weekend of the year. This took place September 29-30th, 2012. Same thing: one in Phoenix (Saturday) and one in Tucson (Sunday). I didn't stalk any bands this time, though! Thankfully. Not that I don't love seeing certain bands multiple times (obviously), but I do like variety, too.

Uproar 2012 (Phoenix Only)

Totally felt like a loser:

But also like a rock star because...

... I WAS FRONT-ROW CENTER, MOTHERF--well. Y'know. As front and center as I could get. Which was the plan because it was SHINEDOWN, WHAT? I had no intentions of giving up my spot. And I didn't, so suck it.

And, yes, that is my sister. It was my attempt at being "artistic", but I don't think I captured the essence of the moment very well, haha.

Got myself a souvenir:

Be jealous.

Also, my cousin (who was in the lawn section) gladly reported to us that my sister and I made a few appearances on the jumbo screen the venue has. Actually, they have two, but who's counting? The first time I saw the guy pointing the camera at my sister (who was completely oblivious). And not even five minutes later, the guy was kneeling in front of us with a huge camera in our faces. My sister hissed at me to let me know, thanks, Ms. Obvious. I just smiled and told her not to look at it, just pay attention to Staind. And then I got another text from my cousin informing me of our appearance, haha. I thanked her for her obvservation. It was pretty cool, though.

And then came one of the greatest moments of my year:

He totally waved at my sister and I. Like, not a "hi-I-see-you-thanks-for-the-support" wave. Like, I was totally not looking at him. And then I did. And then he smiled. And then I smiled. And then he held-his-hand-up-and-moved-his-fingers kind of wave. My sister and I had a fangirls moment, haha. It was pretty epic.


That, my friends, is a recording mic. We used them all of the time in choir. Shinedown totally recorded their entire set. They had video cameras everywhere, as well. And apparently it was the only one they recorded because they made a big deal out of it on Facebook and Twitter in the days preceding. Still have no fucking idea what they intend to do with the footage, but I'm so dying to find out. Front-row, bitches. Remember that.

Fall Ball 2012

Was this close to one of the greats of my era:

Corey Mother-Fucking Taylor. Even though it was an acoustic show and not as exciting as maybe a regular show, dude has an epic stage presence. And so much fucking talent. I could listen to him sing all day.

Offspring was fucking amazing. Best band of the night, hands down. Otherwise, Fall Ball 2012 wasn't all that memorable. Still, it was fun.

And for my birthday, I made my annual (or so it's starting to appear, haha) trip to the Happiest Place on Earth:

Finally got to see what all the hooplah was about:

And it really was about a heck of a lot:

Got my creep on:

And got stuck on Haunted Mansion: Nightmare Before Christmas TWICE... in one go. First time sucked because I wasn't in a spot to take pictures ('cause I always have my camera on me, haha). The second time, though, I was pretty happy. I finally got a good picture of the piece of art I've been dying to capture:

Now, on to the future!






And... that's a basic run-down. Any guesses as to where I'm going? Anyone? Anyone?

I'M GOING TO ORLANDO, FLORIDA! One day in SeaWorld, two days in Universal Studios (including Harry Potter world [the nerd in me rejoices!]), and six or so days in Disney World! The fact that it's less than a month away has me PUMPED! I can't believe it's already almost here! Expensive as hell, but it's going to be so worth it! I hope. Anyway... yeah, I'm jealous of myself right now, haha.

Huh. This turned out to be a longer update than I intended. Oh wellz. Happy holidays!
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