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Take the knife and twist it! Where's my heart? You missed it!

Seriously, why am I so fucking obsessed? Hollywood Undead's CD came out on Tuesday, but I've been listening to it since Saturday--thank you, MySpace. I really need to lay-off the HU. Which won't happen. Bwhaha.

"Take the knife and twist it
Where´s my heart you missed it
You know I don´t wanna die but baby you insisted
Breathing is a luxury that I just shouldn´t have
My heart just keeps on beating and it´s more than you can stand
Baby please just tell me how we ever went so wrong
We use to sing together when we used to sing this song
We can never sing forever cause now my voice is gone
Guess I´m gone forever and you knew it all along"

*sighs* J3T FTW!

All right, enough.

KFMA DAY IS IN A MONTH. So excited! Sublime with Rome, Hollywood Undead (holla!), Flogging Molly, Sum 41, Black Label Society, All That Remains, Black Veil Brides, Hail the Villain, and Drive A are performing. Three of those bands are going to UFest--Hollywood Undead, All That Remains, and Hail the Villain. Hollywood Undead will be the first band I will have seen three times GOD I'M SO EXCITED. I really need to stop obsessing. I'm actually excited for Black Veil Brides. Um... yeah. I've seen Sum 41 before, and they were good. Not crazy about Flogging Molly. Sublime will be fun.

I really don't have a point to this post. I just wanted to rant about HU. Haha.

Life's still the same. Sears still sucks--although I have 35 hours there next week. Cheryl's on vacation, and I think she's giving me the majority of her hours. I worked with Phillip on Monday--it was the first day I really spoke to him. He was asking me about hours and if they're normally this bad. I told him the truth: no. He asked if he should find another position. I told him, "It's up to you," while inwardly nodding my head yes. Haha. God, I hate him. He worked five hours on Monday. It took him the entire time to put away HALF a cart. HALF. Dude, are you fucking kidding me? I did out-of-stocks throughout my ENTIRE DEPARTMENT--all five fucking divisions--in four hours. What the hell? God, I want to strangle him.

We have clouds today. That's exciting. And it's getting hot. Well, warm. It's not hot yet. Give it another three weeks, and it'll be hot. Just in time for KFMA day. Hells yeah.

Also? I was wrong about Mission G. Just found them on Facebook. Fucking amazing.
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