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We walk among these shadows, these streets, these fields of battle!

I hate how obsessed I find myself with Johnny-Three-Tears and his raps... and his rap voice. He's such a horn-dog, but GOD is he fun to listen to and watch. As is Da Kurrlz. I heart Hollywood Undead.

Holy shit, dude, I was involved in a hit-and-run tonight. No lie. I had just gotten off of work from Fry's and was on my way home. My sister was driving. We were, literally, less than a mile from home. I could have walked home in ten minutes. Literally right around the corner. I was engrossed in the radio, thinking about how much I hated the song on--don't ask me what it's called for I don't know. If I hear it again, I'll let you know--so I was ranting in my head.

All of a sudden, I hear a loud BANG! and my head whips forward. I was in the backseat behind the driver, so I got a good smacking. Intuitively, I turn my head around to look behind. As I do, I spy this silver-whitish truck zoom by with a stop sign on its hood. My sister is freaking out and swerving off of the road. I thought he had hit us, so I was flipping him the finger and cussing him out--especially when all he did was pause about fifty feet ahead of us before driving off. Victor was with us, and he got a good look at him. I didn't. Not really.

Once my sister gets safely across the road, she turns off her car. We immediately get out and inspect the damage. Surprisingly, there wasn't much. Barely a scratch. We later saw that the bumper got a bit dislodged, but otherwise we were lucky. I was shaking, but I was otherwise fine. Then, out of nowhere, Victor and Rebecca start running across the street. I glance over and see another car back a-ways and realize another car was involved.

I felt adrenaline pump through me and just reacted. We all run across the street to help her. I saw the stop sign in the road and stopped to drag it off to the median. Didn't need any other accidents happening. The woman in the other car was already out of her car by the time I got over to her. I asked if she was okay. She was shaking, but she seemed okay. I walk around her car--she didn't have a trunk anymore. It was completely smashed in. She had no back window nor side windows. Her gas tank was on the ground. Her interior was completely fine, though, save the radio area. She was saying that she didn't realize it was as bad as it was until she got out--and that's when she really started freaking.

A guy pulled over and asked if we saw the vehicle. Victor described it, and the guy took off down the road. There was a van that stopped in the middle of the road. I didn't see it until I walked over, but the woman's back bumper was sitting in the middle of the road and glass was strewn everywhere. Probably about one hundred feet from where her car eventually stopped. It was scarily impressive. My sister called 911 then.

One of the cars that stopped had a family in it. They'd stopped over by the van, so when I walked over I hear someone ask, "Is that Elizabeth I see?" I turn, and it's Janet from Sears. Ironic. She works behind the scenes. She didn't know I had a second job. She was kind of worried to find out that I was involved, but was relieved to know that we were okay.

There was another woman who stopped who was cautioning us to take it easy and get ourselves checked out. We may not feel it then, but we'd feel it in the morning. Truth be told, I'm starting to feel it now. My neck is getting stiff and my back hurts a little, but it's nothing a little ibuprofen can't take care of. Which I'll be taking as soon as I am done typing. My sister also told me to tell her of any pain I experience; she's going to give me a massage. How kind.

There were a couple of people detouring people, making sure they didn't hit the bumper or anyone else running across the street. A guy donated some flares for us so we didn't have to sue cell phones and flashlights. People were still dumb and ran over the glass... or almost hit a few of us. Jackasses.

The woman who got hit called her husband, and he showed up not too long after the accident. He was asking her what she wanted from the car and what she didn't. He mentioned a white coat, and she said she probably needed that. She'd already mentioned that she worked at Target, so my wheels in my head starting turning. Eventually I asked her what she does at Target. How's this for an even bigger irony: she's a pharmacist there. I told her I was a tech at Fry's and we had a little, "OOHER!" moment. She said the next time she called she'd ask for me. Haha. So, should Fry's fail, I can always go to Target 'cause I have connections now. God, I love Target.

But with Jacqueline potentially getting a second job, hours may improve for me at Fry's. Connie was asking me about the possibility of me working more should that happen. Hells to the yeah, I said, especially if Sears continues on the track it is--which, actually, I know I have at least double the hours next week as I had this week. Oh, joy, inventory. !!! Anyway.

The accident happened at around 9:10pm. The cops didn't show up until about a quarter till ten. Okay, seriously? When they found out it was a hit-and-run, they got all worked up and serious. Two squad cars showed up; one went in search of the hit-and-run. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Good luck with that, jerkfaces. Safe to say they didn't find anyone.

They ran the other woman and my sister's insurance, got claim numbers, et cetera. He then asked about passengers, and Victor and I raised our hands. He nodded and motioned toward his squad car about twenty feet away, saying he'd like to speak to us over there. All right. He took our IDs, got our contact information, and asked us where we were sitting in the vehicle. He then asked for our statement and what we say, et cetera. It was at this point that I learned about the damage to our car via Victor's statement. But otherwise, that's it.

He returned our IDs and asked for the woman who got hit. She went over and gave her story. After she was done, he sent the other squad car to inspect my sister's vehicle. My sister freaked when he stopped precariously close to her bumper, but he didn't hang around too long. The cops discussed something, surveyed the area. The one talking to us brought the stop sign back to the area in which it used to be--one hundred feet up the road.

He then turned to my sister and asked where the damage was. She blinked, unsure, but Victor knew. So, all four of us walked across the street and Victor pointed it out. He surveyed it intently for a few seconds, and then nodded. After that, he let us go.

As I implied, I'm fine. I'll probably have some sore muscles in the morning, but no bloodshed. No broken bones. Seriously, it could have been a lot worse than it was, and thank God it wasn't.
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