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Titles Fail Me

I quit Sears.

Did I mention that? Well, I did. Almost a month ago. Past time, if you ask me. That place has gone to shit.


This week marks the start of my month of fun. For those who care, let's break it down:

September 25th (as in this Sunday): KFMA's Fall Ball!
Korn headlining (after fucking Stone Temple Pilots bailed, assholes. Not that I was excited for them, anyway), with Staind, Chevelle, Five Finger Death Punch, Middle Class Rut, and a few others performing. Second time seeing Korn, Chevelle, and Five Finger. SUPER excited for Staind.

And then I work another fourteen-day stretch, but whatever.

October 8th: Uproar Fest in Phoenix!
Avenged Sevenfold headlining, with Three Days Grace, Bullet For My Valentine, Escape the Fate, Sevendust, Seether, and a few other. SUPER, SUPER excited to see Three Days Grace. Third time seeing Avenged Sevenfold. Second time seeing Bullet For My Valentine and Escape the Fate.

October 9th: Wedding Bells!
Not mine, thank God, but someone else's. And I don't know them, haha. I'm just going as Arlynn's plus-one. Weddings are fun, though, right? Free food! Busy weekend.

October 15th: Evanescence Live!
SO FUCKING EXCITED FOR THIS! Impromptu, actually. We found out they were coming to Tucson the day before tickets went on sale, and decided to have a girls' night. Arlynn, my sister, and I are going to see Evanescence. FINALLY. So excited.

Yes, that's three concerts in four weeks. And? Feeding the addiction.

October 16th: More Wedding Bells!
No, still not mine. Again, thank God. I actually know this couple, though. My ex-Intern's getting married. Should be fun.

October 22nd: Aunt's Baby Shower
My aunt is having another baby! So excited. She wasn't at first, but I think she's warmed up to the idear. It's another boy. Hopefully this one will come after the baby shower, haha.

October 25th: MY BIRTHDAY.
I'll be old. End of story.

Enough excitement for everyone? God, I know I am ecstatic.
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