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On the front lines knowing tomorrow I may not be alive!

Seriously, Hollywood Undead? Even when I'm looking up lyrics for another band, you won't let me be? *sighs*

UFest was fucking awesome. Nonpoint was one of the highlights of my day. Was one person back from the barricade, and I got Arlynn into them. I was too close to the speakers, though; halfway through my ears started burning. That's all right--means it was good. Haha.

Powerman 5000 was awesome to rock out to as we walked in; they performed all of the songs I knew by them before we had our tickets scanned. Lame.

Drowning Pool sounded awesome. Arlynn and I weren't in the crowd, but we watched some guy just start throwing up right in front of us. Attractive.

Hollywood Undead brought on our first encounter of body surfers. I may have some bad karma to work off after that one, haha. The first one who tried to cross above our heads we let fall to the ground. And I mean, he hit HARD. It took him a minute for us to react to him on the ground, and it took him a minute to realize he hit the ground. Landed directly on his upper back. Fucker.

All That Remains kind of annoyed me. They came out all hard, saying they were the hardest band there, the only true metal band. Seriously, you have to put a label on what you do? Who fucking cares? Don't get me wrong; I love ATR, but the way they were bragging about it kind of made me think less of them.

And then Papa followed them and put on one hell of a show. They did the wall of death thing, though, and that kind of made me sad. I hate when bands do that. Arlynn and I were in the crowd for them until that... right in the middle, of course. Bastards. Whatever. After that, NATURALLY, a moshpit opened up right next to us. In the back. Near the sound booth. Really? Lametards. Still, fucking awesome.

I miss concerts. KFMA Day in less than two weeks! Holla!
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